Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Heathrow Terminal 5 and Mark Gimenez

Current travels see me in Heathrow T5 en route to Oslo and today's impulse book buy was Mark Gimenez's "Accused".

I generally like what Gimenez has to say for himself so there's a degree of optimism about this and the Mark Billingham currently tucked in the bag will probably have to wait a bit.

One question though - us the central character, A Scott Fenney one that's previously appeared in one of his novels? My gut feel is yes - the unusual first name being a clincher I think, but which one of his books?


Postscript: I really enjoyed "Accused" and have blogged about it more fully in a separate post.


  1. I read his first book - he got his break when Grisham took a year out to write a non-legal thriller. I quite liked it, but insufficiently to read any more. A tad bland and copy-cat.

  2. Agree to a fairly large extent Maxine. There's nothing especially ground breaking or new here, but the plots do rattle along and they're ideal for their intended purpose.

    A Scott Fenney is a returning character - from "The Colour of Law". It's reintroduced in such a way that this was obvious shortly after getting on the plane and starting the book, which maybe highlights where Gimenez falls down a bit. I like his work, I've read all of them with a degree of enthusiasm, but I need to work to remember the individual plot details, and as for recalling character's names? No chance.