Saturday, 30 May 2009

A literary weekend

Sometimes good things all come at once.

It's been a busy but ultimately productive week, and now Saturday's arrived with genuinely fantastic weather, a garden that doesn't need a profound overhaul, and a stack of books competing for my attention.

First on the list is Pete Brown's eagerly anticipated "Hops and Glory" - it's not supposed to be out until June 5th, but according to Pete's blog, it's shipping from Amazon now, and my fabulous local bookseller, the Beckenham Bookshop got my copy in today. Far too soon to tell, but I suspect this will accompany me into the garden this afternoon.

Also arriving today was Gordon Spice's autobiography - a brief excerpt from it in Motor Sport a couple of months ago was entertaining, and while I don't expect it to be highbrow, I'm hopeful it'll be another contribution to worthy books about motor racing rather than the mass produced and badly edited pap that sports writing in general and motor racing in particular seems to attract.

All that makes the current library book, Ivo Stourton's "The Night Climbers", a speculative borrow but one that seems to have some promise very sadly fall down the list a little. It's a paperback, so has the benefit of portability, but given next week is travel free it might be put onto the longer finger.

Capping off a Saturday of literary excitement was an email from LibraryThing telling me I'd got an early reviewer copy of Giles Foden's "Turbulence", so will be looking for that in the mail soon.

As I said at the start, sometimes it's almost as though there's too much of a good thing!

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